RedShark live, featuring the world's first-ever live comparison of the FS5 with the FS5 Mark II

Written by David Shapton

RedShark MediaRedShark Live Episode 3

Here's episode three of RedShark Live. We show you the picture from an FS5 Mk II compared to an FS5 Mk I

 We're back today with another RedShark live TV show, which is destined to be a broadcasting event second in scope, magnitude and ambition only to the recent World Cup. 

Well, maybe that's overstating it a bit but it definitely promises to be a lively half hour of news and discussion including hands-on with the new "cinematic" FS5 II. 

(Thanks, as ever, to our Sponsors, Matrox, for their help in making this series of shows possible)

Click on the video below to watch. We look forward to seeing you! (BTW - if you have limited time, jump to 13 mins to watch the FS5 Mk II demo)

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