Here's a big and very useful camera comparison chart

Written by RedShark News Staff

Gary Adcock and Thomas Fletcher

Quite literally, here is a big chart showing all the main cinema camera specifications compared at a glance.

It can be quite difficult at times to compare all the current main cinema cameras. You know the drill, multiple web browser tags open, going back and forth seeing which one has one thing but not another. When the specs are as complicated as they are these days it can leave even the most technically adept peoples heads spinning, and a bit muddled trying to remember all the precise figures.

And so we have this wonderful chart produced by Gary Adcock and Thomas Fletcher. The information was collated from many sources, including DP's such as David Stump and Jim Mathers, as well as close liason with all the relevant manufacturers. The chart is, as the headline would suggest, quite large, so we have provided a direct link to the PDF below (click on the image or the text below).

Camera Comparison Chart thumbnail.jpg

The Camera Comparison Chart can be viewed in PDF form here.

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