Inovativ's new Apollo cart is highly portable and helps on set productivity

Written by RedShark News Staff


Cinegear 2018: Keep them wagons rolling! Inovativ gives us the lowdown on its new range of extremely strong production carts. A product that is important for good on set efficiency.

Carts might not be the first thing that come to midn when you think about sexy new video equipment, but they can be an essential part of production. Inovativ, which has existed since 2012, prides itself on producing protable carts for different production purposes such as editing and monitoring stations that help production efficiency.

For example this year it has released the new Apollo cart, which although it only weighs 12lbs and can be deconstructed into a wheeled case that you can easily travel through an airport with, will hold up to 1200lbs when assembled.

These are the sorts of products that can really help productivity during a production. We spoke to the company about its products at this years Cinegear 2018.

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