RedShark's 8K one-person documentary rig

Written by David Shapton

Ministry of Frames

If you think 8K is impractical for everyday shooting, you need to see this. [Update: Missing video now fixed - sorry if you tried before and couldn't see it.]

We like to practise what we preach at RedShark, so we thought we’d show you this. It’s Bas Goosen’s RED HELIUM 8K rig used for shooting all our trade-show coverage.

You’re going to be seeing all our Cinegear coverage over the next few days. Shot by sibling team Bas and Mart Goosens from Ministry of Frames - seconded to RedShark for our video coverage - and hopefully you’ll agree it looks great. That’s due in part to the fact that it’s shot in 8K, even though you’re obviously not viewing it at that high resolution.

RED’s HELIUM is based around the DSMC “brain” and is extremely modular. As you can see from the video below, Bas has taken this to extremes with his setup, with add-ons from half a dozen manufacturers linking together to give a highly optimised “frankenrig”.

So, here’s how to make a rig for one-person 8K documentary shooting.

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