Panavision's beautiful UltraVista lens captures images in a way you've never seen before

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UltraVista lenses have a unique set of characteristics laser focused on the current trend for high resolution and full frame (or larger) sensors and can capture images at an incredibly wide 2.76:1 aspect ratio.

When you come across a completely new and unusual lens design, what you really need is Panavision's Michael Cioni to explain it to you. That's exactly what we have here, below.

First, though, a quick explanation. We came across Panavision's UltraVista lenses at Cinegear last week and quickly found out that they have some tantalising properties. 

UltraVista lenses have a unique set of characteristics aimed at the current trend for greater-than 4K resolution and full frame (or larger) sensors. 

They're designed, unsurprisingly, to work optimally with cameras like Panavision's own DXL2, which is built around RED's VistaVision MONSTRO sensor. 

The key is in the combination of an anamorphic squeeze and a very large sensor. But Ultravision lenses are designed to use the majority of DXL2 and RED MONSTRO cameras' sensors and can yield images with 30 megapixels per frame.

You can see in the video below that the resulting images are able to resolve very small details and yet maintain the desired vertical distortion in out of focus areas. 

The new lenses , designed by Panavision's  Dan Sasaki, VP of Optics, also give DPs new perspectives to work with, with a focal length of 100mm but looking more like 37mm glass. When desqueezed, images from the UltraVista lenses have an aspect ratio of 2.76:1. As Michael Cioni puts it in our video: "Ridiculously wide, but 100mm". 

The Video features Aubrey Cooke (@aubreyscooke). 

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