Showreel Showcase: The cinematic style work of Guillaume Juin

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Guillaume Juin

Each week we feature the work of RSN readers on social media. This week we showcase the work of Guillaume Juin. 

Guillaume Juin is a filmmaker from France. His work takes on a wonderfully cinematic feel and look, with both its composition and use of light. Large sweeping vistas, smooth flowing aerials, and timelapses feature heavily in Guillaume's work. We asked him a few questions about his approach.

Can you briefly describe yourself, your style and what you do?

I'm a Director/producer/camera operator/drone pilot/editor/motiondesigner. I'm so passionate about filmmaking, that I can't help but do everything!

Initially, I was an engineer in the food industry, but switched to filmmaking after a few job opportunities.

Now I have run my company for 4 years, got an employee doing editing for my clients, and just signed a partnership with WassupProd, which is a production company in Paris, and very good friends. We mainly do corporate, adverts, ordered documentaries, events etc... We're not into fiction, but we'd like to.

My style is really about making something epic/grandiose out of something ordinary, using the various techniques and tools in my possession. I like timelapses, drones, slowmotion, sliders, motorized gimbals... And for postproduction, I take good care of the color grading, rythm of the editing, which is something very important for me.

What project are you most proud of?

It is always hard to look back on projects, since I always see the things I could enhance... But let's try.

This travel movie shot in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, which got "Staffpicked" on Vimeo:

This project I shot in Lesotho for a production company named Spoa, in Paris.

This project, especially for the holographic motion design created near the beginning, and the interfaced table I made.

These were not huge commercials involving a big crew, but they were fun to shoot, and the result is nice, I think.

Is there any advice you'd give an aspiring filmmaker?

Be passionate, or just leave the game! Seriously, passion is key. I didn't go to any filmmaking school, but always pushed my skills to get better and better, and I am actually still continuing. That's the key. If you don't have job, just shoot something you like, for fun, for free. It will extend you network, enhance your skills, and even get you some job, someday. Shooting things you like is also very important. One last advice is to get surrounded with talented and kind people. People are key in this industry. Not the cameras, or all the gear you can buy.

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