Capturing the flavour of North Africa with an A99 HDSLR and an FS700

Written by RedShark News Staff

Enrique PachecoThe Maghreb

The Maghreb is the region of North Africa to the west of Egypt, with a quite distinctive culture from the rest of the Arab world, and linguistic influences from the ancient Berber to modern French and of course Arabic mingle to create a unique taste

The scenery is outstanding. From the stark natural contrasts of the desert to the geometrical patterns adorning the inside of the buildings.

It's a place that "awakens in the photographer a desire for adventure" according to film-maker Enrique Pacheco.

Time-lapse, normal speed and slo-mo

We can see here the result of his work in Morocco. Using a Sony A99 DSLR and an FS700, he's used a mixture of time-lapse, normal speed and slo-mo to make this short, beautiful film - parts of which look amazingly sharp, despite the Vimeo compression!


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