09 Apr 2018

Sony confirms Atomos ProRes RAW support for FS5 & FS5II

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Sony confirms Atomos ProRes RAW support for FS5 & FS5II Sony


Owners of the original FS5 will not be left out of the ProRes RAW revolution

When new technology arrives there is always the fear that owning older equipment could leave you out in the cold. Owners of the original FS5 may have been wondering how the arrival of ProRes RAW recording on the new Atomos recorders would affect them. Sony has now confirmed that the format will be compatible with both the new FS5 II and the original camera.

The FS5 mk1 will need a firmware upgrade, available from the Sony website, although you will need to already have the paid for FS-RAW option installed on it. However there is good news for anyone purchasing the original model of FS5. Until the end of May Sony is offering the FS-RAW and HFR options as a free upgrade to new buyer, a saving of $1695 over what you would normally have to pay.

Sony's press release follows on the next page.

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