03 Apr 2018

Atomos helps Panasonic unlock Raw from EVA1

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Atomos helps Panasonic unlock Raw from EVA1 Panasonic and Atomos


With the recent firmware release, Atomos announces an upgrade to its and products that allow the full potential of the to be realised.

Panasonic’s just-announced firmware upgrade allows the to output 5.7K Raw video though its 6G SDI port. This will massively increase the flexibility and quality of the output from this popular new camera. 

Why 5.7K? It’s in a sweet spot where, after de-bayering (the process that turns the output from the Bayer pattern filtered sensor into full colour) the resulting resolution will be in excess of a true 4K. 

.The Melbourne, Australia-based company says that actual Raw capture will be possible, and exactly how they will do this will be explained shortly, by which we presume they mean at NAB. 

Unlocking the 's full potential

Atomos’s own press release says of the upgrade: 

"Now users will be able to unlock the true potential of this amazing camera and its low noise sensor by combining it with the Atomos , thanks to the release of Panasonic’s free Raw output upgrade. The results take the camera to another level of performance, giving you images with maximum dynamic range in pristine quality.

You’ll soon be able to capture stunning 5.7K Raw imagery direct from the sensor at up to 30 fps over the 6G SDI connections and record it to reliable, affordable SSD media. Full details will be revealed by Atomos at the NAB 2018 show this month."

We haven’t seen the results yet but the combination of the Panasonic EVA1’s Raw output and Atomos’s ability to capture it - either in ProRes or in some format of Raw (to be announced) does seem to promise extremely good images. 

According to Atomos’s CEO Jeromy Young: 

“Panasonic and Atomos have combined to deliver an astonishing set of features for end-to-end Raw production – 5.7K, 4kDCI p24-60, 2KDCI p240 in 10-bit V-Log recorded on our Shogun Inferno or Sumo19. This is the best Raw solution for the price point on the market today.”

The upgrade applies to the Atomos Shogun Inferno and . As is usually the case with Atomos firmware upgrades, this will be free to the end user. 

On a side note, being able to record from the ’s raw output is a significant improvement. It’s coupled with the ability of the Shogun Inferno and the to display a good approximation to HDR, making either of these extremely useful on set - especially when working either in Raw or Log modes.

The Atomos press release follows on the next page.

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