Resolution vs Sharpness: why extremely high resolutions matter [Video]

Written by David Shapton

Michael CioniMichael Cioni, Ian Vertovec and Dan Sasaki at Camerrimage

This is simply one of the best presentations we've ever seen about video technology. If you have an hour to spare, do yourself a favour and watch this in its entirity. It will change the way you think about high resolution video

 In November 2017, in the overcast but still charming Polish city of Bydgoszcz, Michail Cioni of LightIron (now part of Panavision) and his colleagues Ian Vertovec and Dan Sasaki gave a detailed, revealing and fascinating account of how extremely high resolutions add visible information to video images, even way beyond what we would normally be the limit of visual acuity. 

We (David Shapton and Matt Gregory from RedShark) were there and we can honestly say it was one of the best presentations we've ever seen.

If you've always suspected that ever-increasing resolutions are a good thing, then watch and enjoy this presentation. If you think ultra-high resolutions are a waste of time, watch this presentation too. It will probably change your mind. 

And if it doesn't, it will be fascinating to hear from you why not. 


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