10 Jan 2018

SmallHD goes wireless with 703 Bolt

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Monitor wirelessly from up to 100 metres away Monitor wirelessly from up to 100 metres away SmallHD

Vitec Group brands SmallHD and Teradek have teamed up to produce the .

The new device allows filmmakers to monitor a scene untethered for distances of up to 300ft (line of sight). The monitor allows users to view live takes as well as previews and playback. It has a 3000nit, sunlight viewable display and full stereo audio headphone output, and includes ergonomically contoured handles with a rubberised coating (you can get the unit without them as well).

The $4199 combines SmallHD’s 7-inch, 1920x1080p display, with a built-in Teradek Sidekick II Bolt receiver. It’s compatible with Teradek Bolt 500, 1000 and 3000 transmitters. The integrated 300ft receiver includes a built-in 5GHz spectrum analyser as well as support for timecode and metadata. Powered by a single Anton Bauer or V-mount battery pack, the system can be viewed and receive signals for over four hours on a single 90 Watt-hour battery.

The monitor is made from a milled aluminium frame and equipped with a Gorilla Glass screen, so it’s very robust. Its 3000nit, 323 ppi display is the brightest SmallHD has made so far. It’s actually brighter than anything else on the market, including the 1500nit Atomos Shogun Inferno, although the latter is a touch sharper at 325ppi. The new monitor supports SmallHD’s Colorflow 3D LUT engine, enabling LUT import and downstream LUT via SDI-out. It comes with two SDI BNC connectors of which one can be used as input and one is user-selectable.

The system weighs 4.35 lbs. (2 kg), including a 90 watt-hour battery and handles. It does not require a cage. It’s 9in (23cm) tall, antennas mounted. Thanks to SmallHD’s OS3 operating system, the 703 Bolt allows for monitoring A/B cameras or pre- and post-LUT footage. Its Dual View feature allows you to watch the two input sources simultaneously, each with their own set of software tools.

Also on board is OS3’s new image gallery, which provides quick access and management of screen captures and other images on an SD card by showing a thumbnail preview of each image file. Images can be previewed with or without a video signal.

The combination of a high-quality monitor and robust wireless operation could give SmallHD and Teradek a considerable head start over the competition. They’re reaping the benefits of belonging to a worldwide group that has both technology areas under the same roof.

The , which includes the monitor, handles, neck strap, battery bracket and both matte and transparent screen protectors is available at an introductory price of $3699 until January 31.

Erik Vlietinck

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