View the sites of Scotland in glorious 8K - if you have the right monitor that is

Written by Simon Wyndham

DevinsupertrampThe benefits of downsampling are clear to see

Go on, we know you want to see it, even if you're an 8K sceptic!

Curiosity is a wonderful thing. It allows us to see first hand things that we might otherwise miss, such as this nice video of the sights of Scotland by Devinsupertramp.

It was originated in 8K using a RED Helium, and it has been posted on YouTube in 8K, too. Thus the chance of anyone actually being able to view it in its native resolution is probably zero to nothing. Regardless, it does give us a chance to see first hand the benefits of shooting at such high resolutions, even if we are viewing on a much smaller and/or lower resolution screen in the end.

The benefits are plain to see, especially on the wide landscape shots. The crispness and fine detail rendering is sublime in places. It brings video to a similar ‘wow’ factor as stills photography. Of course if you are interested for curiosity’s sake and wish to play it back in the full 8K mode, you’ll need a pretty hefty internet connection and computer to play it back with smoothly. If you are on MacOS you will need to be running Chrome or Firefox, since 4K and above resolutions on the video service are not supported in Safari.


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