Video comparison between Canon 1D C and Sony F55

Written by RedShark News Staff

Canon/Sony/RedSharkCanon 1D C and Sony F55 comparison

Two very different cameras with the same claim: very high quality 4K footage

Here's a side-by-side comparison of the Canon 1D C and Sony F55 side-by-side, courtesy of Cinema 5D. Of course, these are completely different cameras: one's a top-end DSLR and the other is a pedigree cinematography camera. They're both shown with their respective log output formats, and then graded.

Which is better? We've always argued against making objective judgements based on YouTube or Vimeo, and while there is a discernible difference between the two, it's impossible in our view to say which has the better output from this highly-compressed piece.

But what we can say is that it's obvious that these are two very high quality cameras indeed.


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