11 Dec 2017

Here's a nice explanation of HDR and Wide Colour Gamut (WCG)

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Here's a nice explanation of HDR and Wide Colour Gamut (WCG) Shutterstock

We’ve seen lots of explanations of HDR, but this one is particularly good.

HDR can be a fearsomely complicated subject to explain. It quickly descends into talk about 3D LUTS and Log Curves. However well you think you understand it, there’s always another level underneath that to confuse you. 

And yet, the basics are just that: simple to understand. It’s just a matter of having it explained properly.

And that’s what this new White Paper from Axon, the Broadcast manufacturer, is. It’s nicely written and an easy introduction to the subject of HDR and Wide Colour Gamut.

Note that this is from a broadcaster’s point of view, but it’s no less interesting for that. At the very least it’s useful to see how broadcasters are approaching the topic of HDR. It’s one thing to be able to shoot in HDR; it’s quite another to be able to distribute it.

You can download the white paper from Axon here. (You have to give your name and email address: they don’t ask for any more details).

Highly recommended

Title image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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