The coolest clapperboard?

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TizaTiza Clapperboard

Here's a novel thing. Actually, there are lots of clapperboard apps out there, but this one's distinctly different. The coolest thing, if not necessarily the most useful, is that when the sticks at the top of the board are open, you can "see" though them, courtesy of the iPad's on-board camera

That's a nice touch.

And overall, it seems extremely well thought out, if the number of times you think "I could use that" when you watch the demo is anything to go by.


The app is the vision of Ian Nuttall and his team, who run a DSLR-based studio in Kingston-upon-Thames, in London, England.

Ian told RedShark:

...the App is a bit of a test to see if we (three of us, film, web, digital heads) could apply all our skills into one project and make a really easy, modern, good-looking Clapperboard App that was affordable and actually a help to our work-flow.. not a hinderance.

We've aimed it specifically at the semi pro DSRL shooter, still and motion shooters, student film makers and indie documentary teams..  personally I'm quite excited just to have my first App!

We've had over 2000 downloads form all corners of the globe since last saturday and more good feedback than we ever could of imagined.

This success will let us fund iPhone and Android versions this coming summer.

To find the app on the Apple App Store, search "clapperboard".

Here's the app in action (you may want to turn the volume down as the music is a bit loud!):


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