16 Nov 2017

DeckLink 8K Pro: Blackmagic leads the way for 8K mass adoption

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DeckLink 8K Pro: Blackmagic leads the way for 8K mass adoption Blackmagic Design


No sooner have the debates about whether 8K is neccesary begun, than Blackmagic Design launches a new 8K version of the popular .

The comments section of RedShark have been filled recently with debate about whether 8K is an inevitability. Cost and funding of the format have been some of the primary driving forces behind some peoples doubts. However the 8K train shows no signs of abating as Blackmagic Design announces the with quad link 12G-SDI. A release that is sure to raise some eyebrows given its low price.

Costing just $645, the new card allows recording and playback of everything from SD right the way up to 8K DCI 12-bit 4:4:4 in Rec.2020 colour at up to 60 frames per second. The DeckLink 8K is compatible with all current major NLE's, most of which can only cope with up to 4K resolution currently. However interestingly Blackmagic has seen fit to mention the upcoming DaVinci Resolve 14.2 Studio software with which the new card is designed to take advantage of, which is clearly going up the stakes with its own inclusion of 8K editing capability.

Right now there is no single reason to think that the momentum of 8K will be slowing down any time soon. It's already here. And with the cost of gaining 8K capablity as low as this, price is becoming less of an argument for the lack of mass market adoption. Granted, this is not an OB truck for broadcast, but for the wider video producing community it looks like our editing machines will be 8K ready long before cameras that record at that resolution become commonplace. Something that Apple was recently keen to show off with its forthcoming iMac Pro. This is a good thing and will certainly help smooth the road.


The Decklink 8K Pro brings highly affordable recording and output to 8K resolutions

The press release from BlackMagic Design follows on the next page.

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