15 Nov 2017

Sony enables full-frame image capture in VENICE ready for release

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The VENICE roadmap just got a turbo boost The VENICE roadmap just got a turbo boost Sony


Sony has just decided that users don't need to wait until August next year to utilise the full 6K capabilities of VENICE after all.

Originally slated to be enabled by a software upgrade, Sony has decided to impliment full-frame capture on their flagship VENICE camera right from the beginning, ready for its release in February next year.

This will no doubt come as pleasing news to the many filmmakers who are itching to get their hands on the new system. The result is that it will mean that instead of being limited to 4K, filmmakers will be able to utlise the cameras 6K modes, which run from 6048 x 3190 (17:9), 6048 x 3270 (1.85:1), 6048 x 2534 (2.39:1), all the way up to 6048 x 4032 (3:2).

These modes were originally slated for an August 2018 release, but have now been moved forward to be included on the camera from the beginning. However it is not quite clear yet whether users will still require a paid license to be able to actually activate the 6K modes as was originally slated to be the case. But we will update you on this when we know more.

Regardless, for those who were looking to these modes as their primary interest in the camera, this news will be greeted with open arms, and it means that we will get to see the potential of the camera much sooner than originally anticipated.

The official Sony press release follows on the next page.

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