10 Oct 2017

Atomos makes HDR easy with latest update

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Smoothing HDR worflows - AtomOS 8.4 Smoothing HDR worflows - AtomOS 8.4 Atomos


The latest firmware update from Atomos promises to make HDR workflows smoother as well as increasing the capabilities of its Ninja Inferno and Shogun recorders across the board.

Anyone who has dealt with HDR knows that the workflow from end-to-end can throw up complexities that were unheard of in the days of Rec.709. While much of the NLE software available needs to mature and increase in capability when it comes to dealing with issues and delivery, Atomos has been working hard to make HDR production as easy as possible.

The company has now released version 8.4 of its AtomOS firmware for the Ninja Inferno and Shogun recorders.The full press release follows on the next page, but highlights of the new release include:-

  • Direct HLG recording and metadata flag support from cameras such as the Sony FS5 and Panasonic GH5.
  • HDR flags (Rec.2100 - PQ and HLG) embedded in files, and transmitted through HDMI making the chaining of HDR monitors seamless.
  • New Varicam LT support for the Shogun Inferno for framerates up to 240fps in 2K, 12-bit 4K CDNG raw up to 30fps and 2K 10-bit Raw to CDNG at up to 120fps.
  • Added HDR support for RED Log3G10, REDWideGamutRGB to support the IPP2 colour pipe line.
  • Analog audio embedding on loop through.
  • Enhanced audio support for Nikon cameras.
  • Optimised support for 2TB drives.

The new additions should help ease and enhance the workflow for those wanting to take advantage of HDR capabilities in cameras that support the HLG format, but that would ordinarily record to much more compressed codecs. HLG is clear to be a standard feature on most future cameras, and so this will help to keep the Atomos recorders ahead of the curve.

The full press release from Atomos follows on the next page.

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