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RED 8K India footage looks amazing in this Jeep advert

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toia.comA colourful subcontinent captured on RED 8K

DP Mark Toia has been showcasing the visual versatility of the RED 8K sensor once more, this time on a sumptuous looking commercial for Jeep India.

Few countries lend themselves to the visual arts as well as India does. The diverse cultures that weave their way through the modern state are rich in traditions of colour, and Mark Toia's new commercial for Jeep India seems to explore pretty much all of them. From the powdered, scattered paints of Holi to mountaintop Buddhist temples and bridges festooned with fluttering prayer flags, the commercial is 180 seconds of near sensory overload and a reminder of why so many visitors come back from the subcontinent with a look of shocked awe on their faces.

Shot on RED 8K using Celere and Sigma glass, it's also a fantastic workout for the Helium sensor, which comes out of this rather well, to say the least in multiple lighting set-ups and shooting environments. Indeed, given the occasional environmental challenges of shooting in India, you can say the whole camera probably did rather a good job.

It might 'only' be a commercial, but some of these vignettes are works of art in microcosm. Have a look - and enjoy the aspect ratio! - below.


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