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Ten years of superlative aviation filmmaking

Yannick BartheTen years of wowing viewers

The incredible work of Yannick Barthe has gained him fans all over the world, and now he has decided to wow us once again with this amazing collection of footage.

Fans of Yannick’s work, which we’ve featured several times before on RedShark, will love this compilation clip featuring ten years of aviation video making.

Aviation offers a wonderful subject to filmmakers because it’s dynamic, colourful and occupies a huge three dimensional stage.

Here, Yannick has compiled the best of ten years of colourful aerial filming, all with digital video, starting with DV, and ending, of course, with today’s amazing technology. But can you tell which clips were shot on what?

Probably not. These skilfully graded shots mix together surprisingly well.

Kudos to Yannick on a superb collection of work.

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