How do you even begin to make a video like this?

Written by RedShark News Staff

Heather TraskaHeather Traska Disney Medley

This video is so good, and so complex, that you have to wonder how it ever got made!

Some people criticise the internet for turning us all into zombies who fidget uncomfortably if we're not able to browse with a tablet on our lap while updating Facebook with a smartphone in our hand.

Google Glass will only intensify the problem.

But the reality is that the internet, and the wonderful opportunities it brings us, can expose new talent in a way that nothing else could.

Here's an outstanding example.

19 year-old Wisconsin singer Heather Trasca has made a video featuring her a-cappella Disney medley. The video showcases not just her prodigous singing ability but also her creative vision. You're left thinking: how long does something this good take to make? Most people, given all the time in the world couldn't make something this good.


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