04 Aug 2017

Vocas launches Canon EOS C200 accessories

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The Canon C200 sporting new accessories from Vocas The Canon C200 sporting new accessories from Vocas Vocas Systems


Vocas announces a new range of accessories dedicated to the new Canon EOS C200, including a new viewfinder bracket, a top cheese plate, a sliding system, a cage, and a handgrip relocation.

Hot on the heels of the release of the Canon EOS C200, Vocas has clearly seen the camera as a hot ticket, and have produced a number of new accessories designed specifically for it. These include a new viewfinder bracket, a top cheese plate, a sliding system, a cage, and a handgrip relocation.

Vocas is known for its hihigh-qualityccessories such as matte boxes, follow focus units, and cages. It is clearly anticipating high sales of the C200 based upon its rather tempting specification and relative affordability.

The new accessories that are being introduced by the company aim to solve some of the limitations of the new camera, such as being able to adjust the viewfinder fore and aft, for use on the shoulder, as well as adjusting the centre of gravity more easily for use with different rails systems, drones, and gimbals.

Such products are sure to make life easier for serious users. However it is easy for those of us on the sidelines to ask why Canon didn’t just address these limitations in the design phase. It is a common criticism of manufacturers that we often need to purchase a whole raft of additional accessories to make the product versatile enough for everyday use.

It is an unfortunate reality that the design and construction of such a camera has to face limitations in order to reach a certain price point. This is why you pay $50,000 or more for an Arri Alexa, which doesn’t need such ergonomic modifications. Companies such as Vocas therefore serve a very useful purpose, enabling companies like Canon to produce a camera such as the C200, which can shoot 4K raw video, and up to 120fps in FHD without the need for cropping for around $8000.

The new accessories from Vocas are available right now, and the full press release follows after the break.

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