Pond5 integrates into Adobe Premiere Pro

Written by RedShark News Staff

Pond5Pond5's new plug-in lets you search million of clips from within Adobe Premiere

With integration with leading NLEs a win-win for both sides, Pond5 has released a plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro that makes its stock footage library seamlessly available from within the UI.

Some people still like to silo the different aspects of their work but, for many others, any workflow integration that can save time on repetitive tasks is a bonus. NLE integration with third parties falls right into that category, saving potentially a fair few discreet steps that would be needed to search, select and import footage into your timeline.

Of course, for that to work the integration needs to be seamless and the Pond5 plug-in available via the Adobe Premiere extension panel seems to be just that. It allows a decent range of search functions to help you hone in on the content that you want, as well as format, frame rate, the all-important price, and more.

Selected clips can then be dropped into the timeline as low-res watermarked comps and manipulated as the editor sees fit. It’s only when the project is finalised that they have to be purchased, the high res versions of the files then being swapped in with all edits, cuts and changes automatically applied.

It’s a neat time saver and the plug-in certainly gives you access to a lot of material, Pond5’s library currently running out at 7 million videos and over 1 million audio files. There’s an impressive array of prices and membership options that you can investigate and a download of the plug-in comes with a free collection of 50 pre-selected clips so editors can trial how it works. Have a look at https://www.pond5.com/adobe.

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