Just in case you doubted that 8K video is the new still photography...

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Vincent LafloretStills or video? Once you're shooting at high enough resolutions it doesn't really matter

Extracting still frames from 8K video is - in a sense - the ultimate in still photography. Here's a videofrom  Vincent Laforet, a master of both arts, showing just how good this new technique is going to be. 

Vincent Laforet could easily claim to have sparked off the DSLR video revolution with his Reverie piece, shot on a Canon EOS 5D MK II. That was eight years ago.

Things have moved on from then and now, Laforet, who started his career as a stills photographer, is using an 8K RED camera to shoot video and stills - both to an extremely high level.

As if to make the point, the photographer and movie maker now only takes a single camera with him. The RED 8K Weapon can shoot at 60 fps at 8K (nearly 36 megapixels). Which means that for every second of footage, you can choose from 60 still images. To put it another way: you have a still photo every sixtieth of a second in time.

Here's his video that makes the case for 8K still photography very convincingly. And check out our piece on this subject from early this month

Here are the credits for the video, including a link to download an 8K still.

Edited by David Geffin
Shot on RED 8K Weapon with Duclos Leica-R lenses.
Follow Focus - RT Motion Latitude
Grip - Global Dynamic (a.k.a. J.L.Inc.)
Matte Box - Wine Country Camera
Filters - Formatt Hitech Firecrest ND
More to come...
To see JPEG of frame grab go to: www.dropbox.com/s/btjguf56g52qrz0/Tailor8K.jpg?dl=0
Blog: vincentlaforet.com

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