The best kit is the kit that you have with you - and that works! [video]

Written by RedShark News Staff

RigJobOne man, his truck, and a whole mess of gear...

It’s been a while since we visited the Hillbilly Grip Truck, so in this latest instalment from a field somewhere on New Zealand’s South Island, RigJob talks about kit that is pretty much as indispensable as it is indestructible.

As a director once told our man in NZ, a short arm jib means you can float, you can push, you can track…you can make the camera come alive. So RigJob went out to get one roughly about the same time that the film they were working on got cancelled.

He hasn't seen him since, but a decade later the jib is still going strong

The moral of the story? Great kit doesn't always have to be the flashiest or the newest thing in your kitbag (or on your kittruck). It just has to do what you need it to do and do that time and time again.

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