11 Apr 2017

Convergent Design introduces Element multi-cam recorders

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In its Element: In its Element: Convergent Design

In yet another of the pre-NAB product announcements we have been seeing this year, Convergent Design has announced a new Element line of multi-camera recorder/switchers.

Element 1 is a multi-camera HD recorder. Element 2 adds switching capability and Element 3 is a 4K multi-camera recorder/switcher.

The Element products are based around recording to SSD media and operationally route all camera feeds to a single recorder. This will greatly speed up work in post, particularly from different cameras, in as much as all media will be present in the SSD as ISOs from each camera, the timecode will sync, and there will be no need to transcode differing codecs. Each of the products will record up to 4 simultaneous streams.

They all have Gigabit Ethernet connections enabling transfer of clips over a network while continuing to record.

Each of the Element models also has a multi-view port for monitoring the synchronized feed.

The Element products represent an expansion of the Convergent Design product offering but one still within the company’s focus. Element basically leverages the multi-camera technology of their Apollo monitor recorder without the monitor function. It should be a welcome addition in many multi-camera shooting scenarios, particularly where fast post turnaround or simultaneous ingesting to NLE are required.

We will update this story with additional details as well as pricing and availability when we get them.

Ned Soltz

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