This is how fast G-Technology's SSD drives can transfer your files

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RedShark NewsHow speedy? That speedy...

In this video, shot last month at BVE 2017, you can see exactly how quickly a drive working north of 540MBps can move your data around.

The man pressing the button on the demo is Darragh O'Toole, Product Marketing Manager - EMEA, at G-Technology, and his real world drag and drop demo of the speed of the G-Drive SSD is a bit of a 'blink and you'll miss it' sort of affair. He presses the button to move a 4GB file at 0.26 and it completes the process at around 0.35. And, as he says in the video below, the actual performance they're getting out of the G-Drive when they run a synthetic benchmarker is even more impressive.



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