Canon upgrades EOS C700 for global shutter and lens mount swap

Written by George Shaw

CanonNew options coming for the already formidable EOS C700

Canon Europe is now offering two new upgrades to its C700 that can make the latest 4K Cinema Camera even more productive.

The upgrades coming will enable shooters to not only change from an EF mount to a PL mount and back, but also make its dual pixel AF CMOS sensor interchangeable. Is this the beginning of a more modular EOS design?

As Canon puts it: The EOS C700 has generated wide anticipation thanks to outstanding 4K video performance and impressive dynamic range. In line with Canon’s policy of continual improvement and offering customers the best possible flexibility, a mount and sensor option has been announced, to be offered via Canon’s network of pro dealers.

First up is the mount swap. Canon will enable users to bounce between the EF mount and PL mount so that users can use higher quality class when available. Starting in March of 2017, Canon will offer the service through their European Regional Competence Centres or at an authorised Service Facility after what has been termed as a successful pilot program. The program will roll out in the US at a later date.

The Canon RCCs are in Germany, France, Italy, Sweden and Great Britain, and the lens swap out service will be available in three different configurations:

Mount Replacement Service: If you choose to purchase a PL mount (with Cook/i support) directly, or would like to revert the camera back to the original mount from a previous mount change, the RCCs will be able perform the mount replacement using your purchased or original Lens Mount.

Mount Replacement Service & Mount: Depending on your requirements, the applicable RCC will supply and install either an EF Mount with Cinema Lock or a PL Mount (with Cook/i support).

Mount Replacement Service & Mount & Shim Kit: Depending on your requirements, the applicable RCC will supply & install either an EF Mount with Cinema Lock mount or a PL mount (with Cook/i support). A SHIM kit will also be supplied for self-installation.

Price for the lens mount swap range from £380/€450 for labour only, through £1175/€1400 for mount and labour, and to £1300/€1500 for mount, labour and SHIM.

The lens swap can go back and forth as well, so you can swap it out for specific projects and then swap back. However, while adept C700 owners can perform a self-installation, Canon will offer the services but the camera will need to be sent in to do it.

Later in the year, Canon will expand the swap out service to include changing out the Dual Pixel AF CMOS for a global shutter. Those who opt for the Global Shutter upgrade, will also have to pay to have their lens mount changed over to a PL lens mount and will lose the autofocus feature and 1 stop of dynamic range.

No word yet on exactly when the sensor swap service will occur, or for how much, but Canon promises to keep updating its lens mount and swap website with the latest information.

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