20 Dec 2016

2016: The greatest year in cameras ever?

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The RED Epic-W: A year's wait but well worth it and one of 2016's camera highlights The RED Epic-W: A year's wait but well worth it and one of 2016's camera highlights RED


From the opening days of CES onwards, 2016 was awash with new cameras that pushed every level of the industry onwards to ever greater heights. From the prosumer DSLRs to the rarefied high-end of 8K shooting, here are some of the highlights.

06 Jan

Nikon reveals D5 camera: Full frame, 4K/UHD, ISO 3.28 million

The year opening with something of a bang. Having confidently predicted that CES was a barren zone for caneras, lo and behold Nikon unveiled the D5, its new 4K shooting, low-light full-frame DSLR. Footage broke soon after. http://www.redsharknews.com/production/item/3167-two-shorts-shot-with-the-nikon-d5

07 Jan

Sony debuts new 4K Handycam


Making our comment about their being no new cameras at CES this year now seem *really* embarrassing, Sony announced a new 4K Handycam, the FDR-AX53.

12 Jan

Phase One launches 100 megapixel camera


There was plenty of action throughout the year at the extreme high end too: The new XF 100MP from Phase One was just what you imagine it would be: a 100 megapixel camera. And it did, rather enticingly, feature a HDMI output.

19 Jan

Sony FS5 Review: How good is Sony's latest large sensor camera?


In the first of 2016’s many camera reviews, we took a look at the Sony FS5, a small yet powerful 4K shooter, and considered its place in an increasingly crowded market. In fact, we didn't just publish one review of it, we did two. Here's the bonus second one: Another look at the headline-grabbing Sony FS5 

01 Feb

Canon updates its 4K blockbuster DSLR with the EOS-1D X MK II


February broke with the surprise announcement from Canon of the EOS-1D X Mark II, an update for its four year-old flagship DSLR which both increased resolution and added internal 4K video.

03 Feb

Sony's a6300: Mirrorless 4K & world's fastest autofocus for under $1K


Not to be outdone, soon after we reported from Sony's New York press event where we got our hands on the new A6300 camera and G Master lenses.

11 Feb

The powerful new Panasonic Varicam LT: Top-end features, mid-range price


Half the weight, half the price, two-thirds of the size but with most of the same functionality of its big brother, Panasonic's new Varicam LT was a very good and a very important new Cinema Production camera.

23 Feb

Sony's new PXW-Z150: the camera you should always take with you?


When Sony first unveiled the versatile and extremely capable new 4K PXW-Z150 we said it looked to be just the sort of camera that every camera person wants to have with them at all times. Happily, our review a couple of months later agreed: "It is astounding what Sony has achieved for this price.”

17 March

URSA Mini 4.6K now shipping — but without global shutter


In something of a surprise announcement, not only did Blackmagic Design reveal that the long-awaited URSA Mini 4.6K and Micro Cinema Camera were shipping with immediate effect, but, perhaps more significantly, that their spec had been changed and global shutter had been ditched. This was the cause of some debate...

11 April

Is Lytro's new 755MP, 300fps cinema camera the biggest leap in video tech ever?


We thought that the new 755 megapixel, 300fps Lytro Cinema system could well be the biggest leap in video technology we have ever seen. It’s not just about the spec, it’s about what you can do with it.

20 April


Kinefinity promises new TERRA 6K camera for $6K
It was a quiet NAB on the camera front last year, but China’s Kinefinity aimed to bring high-end functionality to budget price points with its TERRA 6K and 5K cameras.

21 April

ARRI upgrades ALEXA SXT and more


In common with many companies at NAB 2016, ARRI didn’t have any single headline grabbing announcement, but upgrades to the ALEXA SXT and AMIRA, alongside two new lenses, were all worthy of serious attention.

02 Jun

The incredible new DXL 8K camera from Panavision


Panavision took the wrappers of the DXL, a new large format digital camera developed with RED and its own Light Iron that looks set to target the likes of the Alexa 65. We were suitably impressed.

28 Jun

Panasonic releases new AG-AC30 handheld


Panasonic’s latest handheld billed itself as a semipro shooter for business use with some superb low light characteristics. It had a few other interesting tricks up its sleeve too.

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