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Ursa Mini's massive software revision out of beta and available for download

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Blackmagic / RedShark NewsBlackmagic Camera Update 4.0

Blackmagic Camera 4.0 Update for Ursa Mini cameras has cleared its two public betas and is now available for immediate download.

Fans of Blackmagic cameras, especially any variant of Ursa Mini, are likely familiar with the Camera 4.0 Update. Back in August, the company unveiled its forthcoming software for Ursa Mini cameras as a public beta. The software represented a leap forward over previous iterations, with an increased focus on user experience, including a swipe and tap gesture-based interface system, which simplifies access to controls and settings. The update also includes new exposure and focus assist tools, enhancements for the Ursa Viewfinder and much more.

In our original coverage of the Camera 4.0 Update beta, we were impressed by the speed of operation, as having common settings, like frame rate, IS, iris and more, were accessible via heads-up display streamlines use. Likewise, the newfound ability to load third party 3D LUTs, not to mention toggling onscreen info on-and-off for each video output, supports more practical on-set monitoring.

We'll revisit this story after we've had a little more time to check out the camera/software combo in its official release form, but if the betas are any indication, we expect the pairing to greatly enhance the usefulness and value of the Ursa Mini.

For more information or to download Blackmagic Camera 4.0 Update, head over to the Blackmagic Support Page.

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