None more black: recreating the majesty of Dark Skies [sponsored]

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LG40 OLED screens helped capture the majesty of the Icelandic sky

LG has been highlighting its role in a significant concert held in Iceland over the summer that sought to bring the incredible beauty of a pure black aurora-filled sky to an urban audience.

We’ve talked before about the link between OLED TVs and the sort of pure black you get when you take light pollution out of the equation.

In 2006, Icelandic writer and environmental activist Andri Snær Magnason persuaded first the Reykjavik City Council, and then the vast majority of its residents, to turn off all the lights in the city for half an hour so that the aurora borealis could be glimpsed from the centre of the country’s capital.

We’ve talked about this before, and about how LG has adroitly positioned its OLED screens to champion the same sort of exposure to proper blackness. And now it’s doing it again.

Nearly a decade on, Magnason took to the stage in the same city in July to introduce the Lights Out Stars On Concert, which this time sought to use technology, rather than its absence, to bring the aurora to the urban audience. Three high-profile Icelandic musicians — Ásgeir, GusGus and Ólafur Arnalds — performed at Reykjavik’s Harpa Hall in front of a display which featured 40 OLED screens and a combined 330,000,000 self-emitting OLED pixels. The screens were programmed to display lifelike, immersive aurora footage harmonized with the ambient music being produced by the musicians.

As you can see from the footage below, the effects on the audience were dramatic.

The images of the northern lights used for the footage have also been on display at the OLED TV at the Harpa Hall, the exhibit using LG G6 OLED TVs to showcase brilliant 4K photographs taken by leading Icelandic photographers.

LG is holding a Facebook contest until November 17, 2016 to find the most interesting story from the public about their experience witnessing the beauty of the pure black night sky. Visitors may submit their stories on the LG TV Facebook page ( The writer of the best story will receive an LG OLED TV (55E6). Please visit the LG TV Facebook page and post your comment describing where you want to experience the perfect black night sky and why, tagging your friends to share your experience with them.

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