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An amazing hyperlapse, years in the making

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Keith Loutit / RedShark NewsThe Lion City 2 by Keith Loutit

We re-visit one of our favorite hyperlapse filmmakers, who has recently released a new work that highlights large scale construction efforts in Singapore to breathtaking effect.

At RedShark, we've featured our fair share of timelapse and hyperlapse videos over our four-plus years of existence. In fact, one of our earliest articles was an interview we conducted with filmmaker Keith Loutit, one of the true visionaries of the art form. The source film of that article, entitled The Lion City, floored our Editor-in-Chief, prompting him to reach out to Loutit and inquire as to his process.

Fast forward to present day and we're once again featuring a work by Loutit. This new work is actually a sequel, of sorts. The Lion City 2 arrives years after that earlier film. It seems that the filmmaker may have needed most of that time to complete the new work.

The following hyperlapse marvel, among other visual candy, features the vertical and horizontal growth of a city, including the erecting of skyscrapers and completion of harbor projects. Of course, the film's production could only pace itself to the real-world timelines of physical construction, so this film was quite literally years in the making.


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