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Pro Video FactoryPro Video Factory Stock Footage

Pro Video Factory shoots its own HD, 4K and higher video stock footage for you to download at affordable prices

 More and more videomakers are realising that stock footage can save them money, help them to complete their projects faster and make their work look better. Video is becoming an essential part of corporate communications and stock footage is there to make things easier.

At the same time, video consumers, whether end users or corporate, are expecting more. We've all seen luscious-looking footage on 4K screens in our local TV stores, and those of us in the video and film industry have extremely high standards. Even if consumers don't understand the technicalities of new, high resolution TVs, that doesn't seem to stop them buying them. And they like what they see.

So in today's climate of high resolutions and even higher expectations, it's essential to have a source of high quality stock footage that's accessibly priced, great quality and available in higher than HD resolutions. Don't forget that even if your project is "merely" HD, your material will aways look better if it's derived from 4K, 6K or even 8K.

If you want your material to look better than your competitors', this is a very good place to start.

There's no shortage of stock footage providers. But they're not all the same. Pro Video Factory is aptly named, because they make all their own videos. Their sole aim is to capture moving images that will make your projects shine and be noticed.

There's a tiered pricing structure and an easy search engine.

Check out the pricing (see table bleow), watch the sample videos, and visit the website.

Pro Video Factory: buy high quality, high resolution video, direct from the factory.




Click here to buy high quality, high resolution video, direct from the factory.

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