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Canon XC15: Improved audio capabilities and more

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Canon / RedShark NewsCanon XC15

As part of its pre-IBC 2016 salvo of product announcements, Canon has lifted the veil on the XC15, the successor of the small form factor XC10 4K camera.

Canon has rather taken over the news cycle as of late with the introduction of its forthcoming EOS C700 4K camera, which brings global shutter and a slew of pro features to Cinema EOS line. However, it wasn't the only new camera the Canon has announced this week.

The XC15, which is the next iteration of the XC line, effectively replaces the XC10, improving on its predecessor while retaining the qualities that make the XC10 a useful camera for certain productions. For those unfamiliar with the XC10, it debuted around NAB 2015 as a fixed lens 4K camera that could fit in your palm. While its price at launch ($2499) may have kept it from being a crash cam, it definitely found its way onto shoots where Cinema EOS cameras were the A-cameras. It diminutive size meant it could go where larger cameras simply can't, while its ease-of-use meant that it found its way into the hands of those who do some shooting onset, but aren't 'shooters'.

The XC15 replicates much of the feature set of the XC10, including 8-bit 4K and HD recording from its 1-inch CMOS sensor, boasting a purported 12 stops of dynamic range. Both cameras capture video to CFast 2.0 cards at up to 305Mbps. In addition, both cameras come with the same fixed lens, a variable aperture 8.9mm to 89mm lens, which is 27.3mm to 273mm equivalent 35mm FOV, and internal ND filters.

Of course, there are some key differences that separate the new XC15 from 2015's XC10. The most impactful addition may be the bundling of the MA-400 mic adapter, which connects to the top of the camera via a proprietary connector. This adapter, which is an optional accessory for the C300 Mark II, adds two XLR ports for balanced and unbalanced mics and line inputs. This addition was made in response to customer response from the XC10 and may lead to the new XC15 finding more use as an all-in-one option for some action or documentary productions, when a small, discreet form factor is desirable.

The new camera also brings 24P recording at 4K to the spec sheet, as well as Canon Log recording and a waveform monitor. These new features augment the existing XC10 feature set in such a way that the camera should be more attractive to both Cinema EOS A-camera productions and run-and-gun shooters, news gathering and independent filmmakers who are looking for pint-sized camera with a marriage of some pro functionality and simple, straightforward usage.

The Canon XC15 will retail for $3000 is slated to arrive sometime in September.

For more information, check out the full press release on Page Two!

Full Press Release

Canon launches the XC15 – a professional compact, 4K camcorder with high-end audio interface

United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, 1 September 2016 – Canon today announces the XC15 - a compact, 4K (UHD) and Full HD video camcorder with stills capability, aimed at content creators such as news gatherers and independent or documentary filmmakers. Following in the footsteps of the popular XC10, the XC15 combines the best elements from its predecessor with new features and functionality, including a microphone adapter with dual XLR inputs for professional audio capture, quick autofocus and a 24p frame rate option for cinematographers.

Recording versatility for easy workflow integration

The XC15 is the perfect "B" or "C" camera for film productions, thanks in part to its ability to record with Canon Log, providing the same impressive 12 stops (800%) of dynamic range as seen in Canon's EOS C500. The camera can record UHD (3840 x 2160) 4K footage at 25p or 24p to an internal CFast 2.0™ card at up to an impressive 305Mbps, or Full HD to an SD card at up to 50Mbps. The option to record at 24p, combined with the ability to select a ‘Look' setting, appeals directly to cinematographers as they are able to easily integrate footage from other cinema cameras, dramatically improving their workflow. The shutter speed and shutter angle modes further support the camera's operator to work in a more familiar way.

Meeting the needs of today's content creators  

News gatherers and filmmakers understand that sound quality is just as important as the image and increasingly require a camera with more advanced audio options. Built on feedback from global XC10 users, the XC15 includes the MA-400, a microphone adapter which allows professional grade audio to be recorded via dual XLR connections that accept balanced and unbalanced microphones and line level audio inputs.
As well as sound, the flexibility of the XC15 will appeal to news gatherers due to its ability to extract 8.29MP still images when used in 4K (UHD) recording mode for publication in print or online. When capturing breaking stories is of upmost importance, the camera's autofocusing is quick and includes face detection for added ease of use when framing a shot.

Capture more detail, even in low light

The XC15 has excellent low-light capabilities thanks to its wide ISO range from 100 to 20000, perfect for shooting in difficult lighting conditions such as news interviews in poorly lit areas. Equally, the built-in ND filter helps when the light is too bright. Combining speed and quality, the XC15 features a 1.0 type CMOS sensor and Canon's DIGIC DV5 image processor, providing users with the ability to capture high quality, low noise 4K video with a shallow depth of field. The camera also features a 10x Optical Zoom lens with Canon's class-leading image stabilisation technology providing the ability to shoot a range of scenes, from portraiture to large expanses of scenery.

Lightweight and compact design, optimised for easy shooting

The XC15's compact size and lightweight makes it the ideal companion for shooting documentaries and news interviews, particularly when needing to capture a different viewpoint from an unusual or tight location, such as inside a car. For the ultimate in comfort, the camera's body is ergonomically designed, featuring a rotating side hand grip. Additionally, the vari-angle touch LCD provides easy viewing whilst the loupe makes it easier to shoot in bright light or at eye level.

Always connected

The XC15 features built-in dual band Wi-Fi for Live View and easy remote control through a browser or smart device – a must-have for any videographer's toolkit.

XC15 key benefits:

Capture professional 4K and Full HD video
Professional dual XLR audio connections
Professional features and easy workflow integration
Discrete and highly versatile
Easy to use


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