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Is this the new GoPro Hero5?

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Nishikita Camera / Mirrorless RumorsAre these advance images of the GoPro Hero5 the real deal?

Recently leaked documents and pictures are fueling the red-hot rumors surrounding GoPro's forthcoming Hero5 action cam.

[Ed's Note: The following article covers a popular rumor and carries with it the usual caveats. Please consider the following information as speculation until official word comes from GoPro concerning the Hero5.]

Here at RedShark, we've been quietly following the gathering speculation of GoPro's next major iteration of its Hero line of action cameras, presumably the Hero5. There have been dribs and drabs of quote-unquote 'leaked' info appearing about the Hero5 forth throughout the year, but a recent development may offer the most concrete proof of the camera's existence and its spec list.

A Japanese camera and video technology blog, Nishikita Camera, got its hands on supposed images of the Hero5 and a PDF of an early draft of the user manual. Mirrorless Rumors may have been the first English-language site to pick up on Nishikita's leak, republishing the images, along with a download link for the PDF. Since this bombshell hit the internet, other noteworthy outlets were quick to pounce on this story, including The Verge, Mashable, Pocket-lint and other general consumer tech mags. After news of the leaked Hero5 images and manual went wide, I can only imagine the flurry of activity at GoPro, especially for its lawyers, as the company apparently flexed its muscle and got all identifiable download links for the PDF removed from the internet, including the original post on the Nishikita blog.

Thanks, internet!

gopro2 650
GoPro Hero5's supposed dimensions - Photo Credit: Mirrorless Rumors

Of course, once something's out there, it's impossible to get that genie back into its bottle. Thanks to Reddit user CenturyEditor, we have a compiled spec list (with comments), which the user claims was culled from the leaked manual (re-ordered below for clarity).

Century Editor: I've gone through the apparently leaked User Manual (which is far from finished) for the Hero5 and listed some of the key points:

  • Camera appears to be waterproof like the Session, but no depth is stated in the manual.
  • USB C connector


  • 4K @ 30 fps
  • 2.7K @ 60 fps
  • 1440 @ 80 fps
  • 960 @ 120 fps
  • Various 720 modes, depending on FOV selected
  • Camera: 12 MP
  • RAW photo in .DNG format

Protune tweaks

  • New "linear" FOV which removes the fisheye automatically
  • Exposure Select, allows you to select a certain area of your photo to select the correct exposure.
  • Colour: Allows you to see the difference between GoPro colour and Flat colour on the LCD screen, while using Protune.
  • New shutter selection in Protune, allowing you to choose your shutter speed
  • RAW Audio setting, which appears to create a separate audio track while recording video


  • Rear LCD Brightness is now selectable from 10% to 100% (and OFF)
  • The front LCD is again, NOT backlit
  • Dive housing sensitivity: Increases the touch display's level of sensitivity. The options are Off (default) and On. Turn this setting on when using your GoPro with Super Suit
    • Century Editor's Note: Not sure what Super Suit is, but looking forward to that announcement. This tells me that the camera is probably only waterproof to the same depth as the Session (10m/33ft) and it will require a "Super Suit" if you want to take it deeper than that.

Other features

  • Voice control over basic functions ("GoPro turn on", "GoPro start video", etc)
  • Video stabilization: Apparently results in smoother footage when you're using it in areas of motion or vibration. Not available in 4K or fps higher than 60.
  • Manual Audio Control: Select one of two audio filters; recording in stereo or filter out wind noise.
  • GPS Enabled
  • There's an incomplete heading in the manual called "Removable Protective Lens Info". One can only assume what that means.
  • There is a small mention of Karma in the manual, but it's for removing the side door of the camera for connection to the drone via HDMI cable.

In addition, The Verge has reported about GoPro's upcoming Cloud-based service, presumably called GoPro-Plus, as well as new editing apps for mobile and desktop.

We'll update this story as more information becomes available. The GoPro Hero5 is believed to be slated for arrival towards the end of this year, so we'll only have a few short months to wait to see if any of these leaks turn out to be genuine.

GoPro users, let us know in the comments if you're considering purchasing the GoPro Hero5, based on the prospective specs above.

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