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RED Epic & Scarlet firmware update brings new features

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Red/RedSharkRED Firmware updates

Proving the axiom that not all firmware updates are created equal, RED packs a punch via its ‘Build 4’

You can’t accuse RED of resting on its laurels. Over the course of 2012, the camera maker released a new firmware update every month or two for their Epic and Scarlet products. Based on their firmware history, both cameras receive one major update a quarter, adding features and expanding functionality.

In keeping with the Holiday spirit, RED has released this season’s major update, meaning new goodies for Epic and Scarlet users. Dubbed ‘Build 4’ by REDUser forum members, the beta release adds three game changing features.

Pre Record

Pre-record will keep a capture scratch running, meaning you can capture the moments before you hit record.

Timelapse is, well, self-explanatory.

The standout addition may well be the Record Ramp/Varispeed function, allowing for an in-shot speed change, ramped over time as set by the user. For the time being, you can only ramp once per shot, but that may change in a future update. Given RED’s track record, I’d count on it.

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