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Alister Chapman takes a look at the advanced features of the Sony FS5

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Sony / RedShark NewsSony FS5 tutorial by Alister Chapman

Alister Chapman has just released a new video tutorial on the advanced features of Sony's FS5 camera.

The Sony FS5has been a hotly debated camera since its release. I won't rehash the entire debate here, but there was some scuttlebutt concerning its levels of noise in certain modes (here's is our most recent article on that subject).

Noise debate aside, there's still a lot to like about Sony's little interchangeable lens 4K shooter, including a purported 14 stops of dynamic range, variable neutral density filter built-in and ample wireless functionality.

RedShark News contributor Alister Chapman has a continuing video tutorial series on the Sony FS5, produced by Sony. His latest video on 'Advanced Features' provides an excellent exploration of the camera. If you're considering using the FS5 or would like to get more out of it, this video is a must-watch.

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