Multi-camera live streaming for under $5K

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StreamstarStreamstar's new X4: 2RU and 4 inputs

Streamstar has an interesting new product cued up for NAB: a rack-mounted unit called the X4 that promises, as you would suspect, to provide you with everything you need to live stream a four camera production.

Well, not quite everything, a keyboard and monitors cost extra, but the 2RU system does feature touchscreen control that allows for single operator operation of the company’s impressively full-functioned SW production software.

It has a good variety of inputs — 4x HD-SDI, 1x HDMI, 4x IP Stream, and also accepts IP Video Stream Inputs from JVC streaming camcorders — while it can stream out at up to 720@50/60p @ 10Mbps (though it will happily record 1080p.

Graphically, it provides 4 layers of DSK with full transparency support and offers full 4:4:4:4 / ARGB / progressive video processing. Audio is via an integrated, full featured audio mixer with monitoring, audio follow video, muting, peaking etc. A dedicated Streamstar SW colour coded keyboard is available as an optional accessory which amps up the productivity with highlighted custom key commands.

it’s not necessarily confined to rack space either, the company pointing out that it can be converted to a mobile production studio all of its own by simply enclosing it in a hard case with an HDMI monitor to produce an extremely portable streaming system.

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Streamstar® X4 Breaks the Price Barrier with Affordable and Compact Live Production and Streaming Studio

Breakthrough system brings the future of live streaming to NAB 2016 at a price point under $5K

Redwood, California – April 4, 2016 -- Streamstar®, a pioneer developer of advanced live production and streaming tools, continues to break barriers by bringing a professional caliber live production and streaming studio to market at an unbeatable price point. The compact 2RU system – Streamstar® X4 - will launch at NAB 2016 with the first live demonstrations to be conducted in Booths SL5520 and N8635-7.

“Finally! The industry has been waiting for an affordable multi-camera production and streaming studio that delivers professional results, and here it is,” proclaims Radoslav Toth, Streamstar CEO. “Streamstar X4 is a victory for every production company, large, small or medium, that needs a feature-rich system at a price point that doesn’t bust their budgets, It offers a winning trifecta of price, performance and flexibility not found in any other product in this category, and it’s all packaged in a 2RU chassis. All this for under $5000 make Streamstar X4 the best buy at NAB 2016!“

The versatile and full-featured Streamstar X4 supports a variety of inputs, replays and slomo on all channels and offers a wide range of professional features, including: a monetizing system, comprehensive media playlists, top quality video processing, a host of graphics capabilities, and the same intuitive, touch screen user interface found in Streamstar’s larger units. It is also easily converted to a mobile production studio by simply enclosing it into a hard case with an HDMI monitor for a compact and cost-effective studio on the go.

”Combine Streamstar X4 with our unmatched track record for reliability and users can stream faster and easier with confidence,” adds Toth.

Streamstar X4, being demonstrated in Booths SL 5520 and N8635, will be offered at $4995. at NAB2016.

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