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More than just a hyperlapse!

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FilmSpektakel / RedShark NewsTaste of Vienna by FilmSpektakel

Another captivating hyperlapse video from Vimeo user FilmSpektakel that illustrates the importance of preplanning to create something truly special.

We've ran our share of hyperlapse video in the past, but we must confess to a bit of hyperlapse-fatigue. Just like any other visual technique, it's interesting until it becomes commonplace, and then the interest is derived from unique and novel applications of it or in the context of a refined piece of work.

The following video, Taste of Vienna, is one of the better hyperlapse videos that we've come across, although to call this a 'hyperlapse' video may be too limiting. It's a wonderfully conceived and, apparently, painstakingly planned three minute film. And the execution of that plan is nearly perfect.

This is the second video that we've featured from FilmSpektakel (the first can be found here), a production company in Vienna that specializes in timelapse video, and we look forward to its future releases, as its work represents the hyperlapse form at its highest level.

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