Some more URSA Mini 4.6K content to whet your appetite

Written by RedShark News Staff

Pascal DéléURSA Mini 4.6K footage - looking good...

The camera might not be with us yet, but French-based DoP Pascal Délé’s ‘Empara Directors Cut’ shows just what the forthcoming unit’s sensor is capable of.

The URSA Mini has, of course, slipped somewhat from its original release date of Summer 2015, and has even crashed past what was once seen as a pessimistic January 2016 release. But while many wait for it to ship, beta testing continues  apaceand it has to be said the results so far are looking worth the wait.

Pascal Délé’s footage from ‘Empara Directors Cut’ is probably the most significant to hit the web over the past few weeks. Shot in 60fps 3840 x 2160 Apple Prores 422 HQ, other kit used on the shoot included Sigma 18-35mm F1,8 and Sigma 50 mm F1,4 lenses and DJI’s Ronin handheld.

The clip is only 1:34 long, but it does serve to help build anticipation. The camera is still stubbornly listed as ‘$4995 - New Item, Coming Soon’ on the B&H website, but with the first year anniversary of its announcement rapidly approaching those with pre-orders already logged must be watching more footage coming out and thinking: “Soon…it must be soon.”

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