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Two shorts shot with the Nikon D5

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Nikon / RedShark NewsStill from 'My Nebraska' short, shot on the Nikon D5

Nikon announced its full frame 4K shooter at CES and is wasting no time to show what it can do, as attested by these two shorts made with the camera.

The rumors had been circulating for a few months for the Nikon D5. It was offcially announced at CES and the specs did not disappoint. To recap, the D5 will arrive as a 20.8 megapixel camera with a 153-point autofocus system and 4K/UHD video recording at 24, 25 and 30 fps and an expanded max ISO of 3.28 million.

Of course, specs are nice, but how does it actually perform? Of course, when the D5 is available, we'll respond with our own review. In the meantime, we have the following videos to give us a taste of the D5's video capabilities (of the two videos, My Nebraska was captured in 4K/UHD).

Check out the videos and let us know in the comments if the D5 is a camera you're considering for your next purchase.

Thanks to PetaPixel for alerting us to these videos.

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