Stunning drone tour of a near deserted Venice Beach

Written by RedShark News Staff

Robert McIntoshRise & Shine

This is without doubt one of the best quadcopter shots we've yet seen, and even better it was all done with cheap kit and a *lot* of skill.

In fact, says pilot Robert McIntosh: "Using a 250 sized mini quad for aerial cinematography is not only possible, but the ONLY way to achieve this shot.”

It really is a belter: beautifully composed, wonderfully lit, and featuring some exemplary piloting that sees McIntosh thread his machine seamlessly through signs, railings and even under benches.

The camera was a GoPro Hero 4 and you can see the contribution that ReelSteady stabilisation made to the overall feel by looking at the unstabilised footage here.

For the moment though, just crank up the volume, douse the lights, and experience Venice Beach just as the sun rises to kiss the tops of the palm trees. And just imagine the amount of practise that you have to put in at becoming this good at flying your camera round the skies.

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