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Some stunning aerial views of France (and the economics of capturing them)

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HOsiHOFrance by air...well a bit of it

Launched in Marseille last year, the HOsiHO image collection provides some of the very best photos and aerial videos made in France using all types of aircraft: drone, microlight, helicopter, paramotor or plane. And it needs more.

The images, which are all available for download, are all in high definition while video film clips are full HD or 4K. It is a stunning collection to browse, revealing much of France in much of its glory, from the bustling heart of Paris to the desolate slopes of Mount Ventoux.

According to agency founder, Sami Sarkis, what's more it’s an expanding one too. That means the agency is always looking for new contributors capable of producing high-quality work for clients on a 50/50 split, especially images taken by drones (or other vector flying at low altitude), showing the main sites across the French regions in all seasons.

All in all, it’s a good example of the sort of opportunity currently available to licensed drone pilots.

That’s not to say there aren’t some barriers to entry though. “Full HD videos or 4K, already assembled and post-processed, stable, free of vibration or shadow of the drone (no GoPro images)!” says the site emphatically, with Sarkis himself adding that “Technical prowess is a prerequisite.”

As a guide to both pricing (and thus earning), 4K video footage is available at €10 per second for a fully inclusive license, Full HD is €8, and 720p €6.2. It won’t make you rich, but HOsiHO and other agencies like it might just help recoup some of that outlay on the drone and training, never mind keeping up with the latest kit.

Have a look at HOsiHO's Compilation Vidéos Stockshots 2015 below. And ther's more infomation about HOsiHO here.


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