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RED Raven will shoot 4.5K!

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RED / Redshark NewsRED Raven 4.5K

RED drops bombshell news of a resolution bump for its to-be-released RED Raven camera, at no additional cost.

As is customary with RED, the company announced some very exciting news about the upcoming RED Raven camera through its forum. According to RED President, Jarred Land, an all-night 'stage 4' session (the final stage before availability) produced a major upgrade for the RED Raven, scheduled to ship in February 2016.

Previously, the advance camera specifications of the RED Raven indicated maximum capture resolution at 4K. Now, the camera is slated to capture at 4.5K. The extra resolution will yield a wider than DCI image, although users will have the option to shoot in 16x9 at 4K. The remaining RED Raven specs are unchanged, including 16 stops of dynamic range from the same Dragon sensor in the decidedly more upscale (and expensive) RED Weapon, upto 120fps at 4K  and REDCODE RAW and Prores internal recording.

This upgrade will be free for RED Raven purchasers and puts the camera in more direct competition with the 4.6K variants of the Blackmagic Ursa and Ursa Mini. Of course, we'll have to wait for these cameras to become available before we put them through their paces. But, upon this massive reveal from RED, the under $10K video camera market just got a lot more interesting.

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