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Digital Cinema Society launches web series for filmmakers and cinematographers

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Digital Cinema Society / RedShark NewsDigital Cinema Show interview Larry Thorpe, Senior Fellow at Canon

Dedicated to educating the industry on new cinematic technology, the Digital Cinema Society premieres the Digital Cinema Show, a magazine-style programme that examines the tech behind cinematography.

Although you may not have heard of the Digital Cinema Society (DCS) before, the not-for-profit cooperative has been working since 2003 to keep our industry informed on the latest innovations and technological integrations that impact how we make movies. The DCS counts Academy Award winners among its members, as well as "dozens of ASC Cinematographers, ACE Editors, leading Technologists, and top management from Manufacturers, Studios, Exhibitors, and Networks."

Now, the DCS has expanded its advocacy by launching a regular webseries, the Digital Cinema Show. Of course, the show will focus on technology, but will also feature a wide range of other topics, such as film finance, distribution and filmmaking techniques.

The first episode consists of interviews with Andy Maltz, Managing Director of the Science and Technology Council of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Larry Thorpe, a Senior Fellow with Canon USA, and renowned Visual Effects expert and Cinematographer, David Stump, ASC. The series is hosted by James Mathers, cinematographer, founder of the DCS and RedShark News contributor.

To view the full first episode (and subsequent episodes), visit the Digital Cinema Show Vimeo page. For a taste of what the the Digital Cinema Show has to offer, check out the following video:

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