Drone filming the world's biggest ship

Written by David Shapton

CondeptA misty flight - drone filming the Pioneering Spirit

Drones can make magical movies. And none, so far, more magical than this.

The world's largest floating platform - a ship, in effect - is the Pioneering Spirit. Talking about the size of this thing is like trying to understand the dimensions of the Universe: you can see the numbers, but they're too big to mean anything.

Anyway, the displacement is 900,000 metric tons and it has eight twenty cylinder engines, each with a power output of 11,200 kilowatts. You can safely say that it's more powerful than a Bugatti Veyron, if not necessarily faster.

Just looking at this vessel is spectacular enough. It's like a floating town. But what if you could fly a camera drone around it and above it? And what if it was partially shielded in a morning mist? You'd have the industrial might of man against the gentle, cosseting touch of nature.

Surely that would make a good film?

And it does. See it for yourself below in Condept's short film.

But first, some production notes from Condept's David Tins:

Our team did a great job on this with a lot of passion for video and editing. Our client, IQ-pass, is a small player in safety and ‘gate management’. Our goal was to make them look big thru a high end spherical production. We aimed for this special weather for that magical touch. Thanks to the great collaboration with IQpass and Allseas we where able to catch this moment.

Artdirector, Director, DP, Editor, Pilot, Camera Operator.

DJI Inspire 1

Editing: Premiere pro
Grading: Magic Bullet Looks
Graphics: After Effects

Client's cut

Directors cut

Tags: Production


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