08 Sep 2015

Canon drops 8K EOS Cinema bombshell

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A confident Canon gives details of two upcoming new cameras: both with astonishing specifications

 Anyone who is inclined to accuse Canon of lacking in innovation recently is going to have to modify their view of the Japanese imaging company, starting right now, because completely out of nowhere, we now know that the Cinema EOS system is going to include an 8K camera with a 120 megapixel. sensor.

This is not a rumor; it is an official statement from Canon, released at 05:00 this morning.

Full details to follow after the page break, but here are the main points:

Canon is developing an 8K Cinema EOS system camera and, in addition, a DSLR with a CMOS sensor with 120 million pixels. They will also make an 8K professional reference display.

The 8K video camera will also be optimised for 4K production.

The Cinema camera will have a Super 35mm equivalent CMOS sensor capable of 60 fps and 13 stops of dynamic range. It will be highly mobile, with an EF mount. The sensor will be 8,192 x 4,320 pixels (approximately 35.39 million effective pixels).


The DSLR will have 120 effective megapixels and will be part of the EOS series. It will also be compatible with EF lenses. Canon claims that "The high resolution images that the camera will be capable of producing will recreate the three-dimensional texture, feel and presence of subjects, making them appear as if they are really before ones eyes. The camera will facilitate a level of resolution that is more than sufficient for enlarged poster-sized printout while also enabling images to be cropped and trimmed without sacrificing image resolution and clarity".

This is an astonishing announcement from Canon, not only because it seems like a response to claims of complacency from some users, but because it is such a confident leap forwards. We don't have a timescale for the release - it may even be a year away (the next PhotoKina - the world's biggest Photography Show - is exactly a year away) but it could be as soon as next year's NAB in April.

And it's astonishing too because the incredible exponential rise in the sophistication of camera technology is continuing. There has probably never been a more confident future-looking statement from a Japanese company.

Read our analysis of why the Canon announcement is so important.

Full details in Canon's press release after the break.

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