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Sony is teasing us about their new camera. We can guess, but we don't really know what it is. So we're intrigued!

We've just reported that the FS700R has had a big price drop, and speculated that this might mean a replacement is in the wings. Well, just hours after this, Sony, on their European Facebook page as good as confirmed it, with the above graphic and the following text:

"A new way to unleash your vision is closer than you think! ‪#‎NoLimits‬ ‪#‎MissingPiece‬
Our groundbreaking FS camcorder will be announced at IBC! In the meantime, sign up to be the first to hear about it:"

But look at the picture closely. What it doesn't show is the FS7 being replaced. It shows a new camera (well, a fuzzy outline of one) in between the FS700 and the FS7.

You can spend all the time you like playing the not very entertaining game of "what will it be called?" (obviously the FS70, or maybe not), but the real question is, what could possibly fill in the space between the FS700 and the FS7? They're both large sensor interchangeable lens cameras, with the FS7 being somewhat newer (by a couple of years) than the FS700.

You can probably assume that the new camera will inherit many of the desirable features of both its neighbours in this diagram. Which begs the question of why Sony thinks a new camera in this crowded space is necessary at all.

Sony has been so clever; so innovative, in the last few years with their cameras and particularly their sensors, that we really don't know what to expect here. Maybe some magic from the A7S or A7R II? Or, more likely, perhaps, something completely different. Perhaps something more akin to the Canon EOS range?

We don't know yet, and we won't until the first day of IBC, next Friday. We have an appointment with the new camera on Sony's booth so expect to see the announcement first, and then some hands-on details later in the day.

Meanwhile, enjoy the tease!

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