Gorgeous Hyperlapse of Los Angeles

Written by David Shapton

Vadim TereshchencoLos Angeles Hyperlapse

We don't publish Hyperlapse films unless they're really stunning. And this one is...

Los Angles is a huge, pulsating city, with traffic flowing through its concrete arteries like blood cells. Capture it from the right angle in a good light and it can look stunning, and even more so through the medium of Hyperlapse (which is timelapse taken from a moving camera)

Vadim Tereshchenco doesn’t tell us how he did this but we suspect it was made with a DSLR. What’s fascinating is that this is actually a complication of a number of individual shots, and the transitions between them are largely made by means of zooming in within the frame. With a still camera, presumably with around twenty megapixels per image, there is plenty of scope for zooming without loosing resolution in the final video.

Here’s what Vadim says to accompany the video on Vimeo:

This is compilation of hyperlapse videos that I shot over the course of the past 2 years. I spent a lot of time scouting for locations, waiting for the perfect conditions, and catching the beauty of the city. Lighting is important. Sunrises, sunsets; transitions from dawn to day, and from dusk to dark. I used a lot of self-developed tricks and techniques in both the shooting and editing processes - it took a lot of time and passion to make this video.

The music that I used is a wonderful ODESZA (odesza.com/) remix of a PRETTY LIGHTS (prettylightsmusic.com/) track entitled ONE DAY THEY’LL KNOW. There is plenty of beautiful music on this album that you can find here itunes.apple.com/us/album/a-color-map-of-the-sun-remixes/id739033391 It was hard to find the right music, but this amazing track matched perfectly with my idea for the video.
Some of these clips, as well as many more, are available for licensing. You can check out my collection here dissolve.com/contributors/vadim-tereshchenko
For all questions and inquires; email me: vlgoesla@gmail.com
Thank you and enjoy!


And here’s the video itself (thanks to www.petapixel.com for finding this!)

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