755GB of raw still images went into this London Hyperlapse in 4K

Written by RedShark News Staff

Digitas LBI - MarriottLondon Hyperlapse

A lovely 4K hyperlapse of London shot with a Canon EOS 6D.

It's very easy to overdo a new technique so that you lose the attention of the audience before they've even started watching. This has happened to some extent with Hyperlapse - which, in case you haven't come across the term before, is essentially time lapse, but with a moving camera.

But content is king, and in the case of this film, the content is London. It's a very photogenic city (from some angles!) and this is a great example of London at it's best.

It also demonstrates how you can make very high resolution films with a still camera. Cameras designed for taking pictures have no shortage of pixels, and since these films are not shot in real time, there's no issue with the amount of data or the resolution.

Amazingly, to make this one minute twenty second film took 30,000 photos and a total of 755 GB of raw image data.

It was shot on a Canon 6D, using Emotimo motion control equipment. The music was specially written by Renger Koning.

The film was commissioned by Marriott Hotels. Watch it in at least HD if you can. If you’ve got a 4K screen, select 2160p playback in YouTube.


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